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Like many other photographers, my passion for photography started when I purchased my first DSLR and started capturing the moments whenever and wherever I could. But that is where the similarities end.


While serving our country for 15 years,  I've traveled around the globe twice, visited numerous cultures and was able to experience the lifestyles of a peoples very different than Americans. What stood out for me was the taste and design in architecture. From the simplest of hooches to the grandness of castles in Scotland & England. Each very unique in their existence, but served a vastly different function in each culture. That's when I started in the direction of architectural photography. I wanted to share what the World had to offer to someone that wasn't able to travel.

Fast forward to today, and you will find me still wanting to find that unique structure or feature that stands out. That's where Mike Kelley's style and influence  helped me in finding the correct vantage point in which to capture the  best angle to showcase that structure or feature. With a little help from some light painting to enhance what light is there, the image starts to jump off the page or screen.


While Mike was influential in taking the images and working some PhotoShop magic, Aaron Nace was instrumental in helping me refine those PS skills. As an absolute wizard with PS, he could sort out any problem with an image and bring it to a whole new level.


As an Engineer with the Army in the UK, my love for drones sky-rocketed. Pun intended of course. Through the training of some skilled pilots in England I became a pretty decent pilot. It was the talents of Elaine and Justin of Droneworks that inspired me to take the aerial platform to a new level. Being creative in the use of the drone could substantially improve whatever story you were trying to tell. From great long distance aerials, to slow moving establishing shots and dramatic pans, to low level subject following. Always looking for the best light and framing.

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