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FAA Part 107 Certified


Whether your aerial media project is simple or complex, Skyline would like to discuss your specific needs. Each aerial project is different and many factors need to be reviewed. Skyline has many different cost/quality options to choose from that can be tailored to any project or budget needs. Both gimbal stabalized camera and UAS options are available to you.


Drone filming considerations include:

  • Location – The first order of business is to determine the suitability of the desired location for aerial filming. Items such as airspace classification, proximity to active airports or helipads, urban or rural location, ability to secure site from public, location of any vertical obstructions such as power lines and towers are just a few of the considerations that must be reviewed and mitigated in order to assure safe operations.


  • Schedule – Every effort will be made to accommodate the production’s needs. Where schedule delays often arise is in obtaining FAA and airport management approvals when flying within 5 miles of an airport. These approvals will range from a few days to over a month, in some instances, a Certificate of Waiver Authorization (COA) may not granted in the case of flying within 0-2 miles of Class D airports. (Duluth International)


Low Altitude Drone Aerial Photography (one location) includes –

  • Analyzing the property for airspace classification, safety and secure take-off/landing zone(s).
  • Assessing desired angles of elevated shots considering privacy of neighbors, obstacles, sun, and wind conditions.
  • Equipment set-up and pre-flight safety checks.
  • Capturing aerial photographs and/or videos.
  • On-sight review of images with the client (if applicable).


Delivery - Aerial photo proofs (not full resolution images) saved in JPEG format will be made available FTP, Google Drive or thumb drive for proofing. Upon receipt of full payment, production proofs will be delivered to the client. All aerial images are provided with a non-exclusive, non-transferable one-time use license for print or web use. Resale license agreements are also available for an additional cost based on usage type and volume.


Cost – Skyline has affordable rates for aerial photography for residential/commercial real estate, industrial surveys, infrastructure surveys, agriculture erosion survey and event filming.

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